Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday (Week 2)

I weighed in yesterday morning and I lost 3.6 pounds over the past week.  I'm happy!  This was even after eating "off plan" for lunch and supper on Sunday.  We had lunch at church and will be for the month of November and my choices are very limited, but I enjoyed lunch even right to the ice cream dessert.  I'm not going to stress about it, but make wise choices and enjoy treats now and then.  :)  We had choir practice Sunday evening and I didn't eat anything before heading out, so by the time we got home after choir and evening service, I was starving!  LOL  Dh offered to make me some toast and I gladly accepted.  ;)

Haven't gotten in exercise, but today I worked outside in the garden and you can't tell me tilling the garden isn't exercise!  :D

Bible reading....  I'm still reading Numbers along with the Good morning Girls.  Today we read chapter 7.  Long reading, but I'm always fascinated on how Moses got to speak with God.  I've also been reading the She Reads Truth devotionals and it's been great! This week they have focused on "Open Your Bile Launch" and it has been so good!  I've been struggling with getting my Bible reading in and wondering if I should be getting up extra early or what, but this week's readings have been encouraging to me and I know that no matter what time I open my Bible, I can have time with Him.  I'm hoping yet to also read Ps. 119:9-16

"My false qualifications, however commendable, are always and forever trumped by God’s grace."   Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams of She Reads Truth

Starting this week, I'll be weighing in on Fridays.  :)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday :)

The weekend is ahead and I've made pretty good choices when it comes to food this past week.  I didn't start THM until Monday, but for most of my meals they were on plan.   I did have a couple of cheats, but I'm ok with that.

I was going to have Monday as my weigh in day, but maybe I'll change it to Friday starting next week as I didn't weigh in this morning.  :)

A few of the recipes I enjoyed out of the new THM cookbook were

bring on da buttah pancakes
strawberry cheesecake shake
banana oat shake

The quiche recipe look really good, but I didn't have all the ingredients so I ended up making my own using a couple other recipes.  It was delicious!  I made a coconut crust, but I may try an almond flour crust or now that I've made up some baking blend I'll use that.   I can picture some cream pies coming up.  :)

Like I mentioned in my recent post, I'd like to add in my Bible readings.

This week I've been reading Numbers with the Good Morning Girls and while Numbers can be a hard book to get in to, it is amazing on some of the nuggets of gold you find while reading what may seem like boring passages.

I still struggle on getting in my Bible reading each day and prayer time, so it is something I'm going to have to focus on better.  I just don't want it to be another job I want to check off my list when I complete it. 

I hope to post  at least a couple times a week! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Ok, I'm once again on a mission to lose some weight and get back into shape. 

Starting out weight - 167.8lb (October 26/15
Goal weight  - 152lb - 154lb

Starting this week I'm eating more along the lines of Trim Healthy Mama.  I'm not a purist and I will have cheats, but I did this once before  and I lost all my undesired weight.   I really need to add in exercise too, but I'll be taking this one step at a time.  I then got pregnant and had a harder time staying on plan, so I was on and off that whole pregnancy.  :)  Still I did have a smaller baby, so I know what I did helped!  An 8 pounder instead of an almost 10 pounder like our previous 3 babies.  ;) and I did feel so much better when eating more like THM. 

I've been seeing how I love to turn to food (usually sweets) when feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just wanting to "escape".  All that is not good!  I should not be turning to food, but to the Lord in those times.  In the past year or so I've read Made to Crave (read most of it anyways) and Hunger for God (I was really blessed by this book) and I desire to be hungry for Him and not earthly things.  Turn to Him when I feel empty and not look to be filled by what is around me.

Anyways, this is a beginning and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Lord works in my life during this time.  I think I may add in my Bible reading as well.  This is something I'm struggling in getting in faithfully everyday.  I feel I have no time and yet I'll have time to check Facebook, Pinterest or email etc... during the day, so I know I have a few spare moments and I'm going to have to really focus and MAKE my quiet time with the Lord a priority.

So here goes another journey walking humbly in the Lord and following His leading.  

Just a small update from me....

Since my last post in 2012, we have been blessed with another precious boy who will be one next week.  So I'm a busy mama to 8 children ages ranging from 17- to almost 1. (3 girls and 5 boys)  I love living on our little homestead and we have enjoyed having our own goats, raising chickens and growing a large garden.   I am a country loving wife and mama.  :D

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feels good!!

I'm so happy to have lost 10 pounds since starting back up!  Yay!!!  MFP has really helped...

Today was a free day, which was kind of nice, although I feel a lot better on my none free days.  I had a little to much for supper, me thinks. 

Just 7 pounds to go and then I'm down to my goal of 150 pounds.  Then it will be all about maintaining.  :)

Otherwise, it has been a busy summer, hard to believe it is almost over.  It went by way to FAST!

This is all because of Him, so many times I feel like I can't do this anymore, but the Lord gently nudges me on.  I keep running the race that is set before me.  HalleluYah!!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still Chugging Away

Sorry, I've not had much time to blog here or even read your blogs.  I'll try and catch up sometime soon.  :)

Still going here and in the past 3 weeks I've lost close to 8 pounds!  Yay!!!  I'm now down to 159.6...  Just 9 more pounds to go until I've reach my goal.  My weight fluctuates during the week, so it is up and down, but so far on every Thursday I have a loss, even if small.  :)   Then it will be all about maintaining, or hopefully we will be blessed with another gift again.  It is nice starting out at a good weight though!  :)

MFP really helps... 

Otherwise not much more to share right now, but I just wanted to say hi.  :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

After one week using MFP and exercising

I lost 4 pounds!!!  Yippee!!   

I'm curious to see how this week goes, I don't expect to loose 4 pounds again this week, but I'm encouraged and inspired to started taking care of myself.  :)

Just had to share that quick note!    If we are not friends on MFP, send me a message.  :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Fitness Pal

So this week I've gotten back onto the band wagon again!  I've join MyFitnessPal and it has been fun to watch my calories and see where I need to improve.   Not going to let it rule me, but it has been fun, I'm planning to fill it out Monday to Friday and keeping my weekends free.

As for exercising, I started back up today.  I rode my bike 4 miles down and up our counrty gravel hilly road!  It was fun!!  I also biked fast on my mom stationary bike for 10 minutes today. I'm hoping to do a mixture of bike riding, walking and some other things, just not sure of the other things right now.  LOL

So that is a brief update from me!  I need to check in to see how the rest of you are doing.  :)

For my weight I'm back up to 167 pounds and I'll see what the scale reads on Thursday morning!!  Oh, I've joined the biggest losers on MOMYS, that is what got me motivated to get moving again.  :)

A field at the end of our road...  :)